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DRs Seager T-Series Set

The DRs Seager T-Series includes item #1 to #5, the T-Series is a proven skin treatment program with easy application methods. #1 – Cleanser: Effectively removes make up dead skin cells and pollutants. #2 – Toner: balance pH level of skin fro improve absorption of ingredients. #3 – Skinlight (T3): Reduce oxidative stress Limit the effects of sun damage Inhibit melanin production Reverse the signs of skin aging #4 – [&hellip

Miraglo Face

Miraglo‘s patented ultrafine microfibres are designed to go between the keratinized cells of the epidermis, lifting these dead cells delicately with precision and removing 99% of the impurities on the skin surface. Use regularly to prime your skin for maximum absorption of nutrients and active ingredients, giving you noticeably smoother, softer and suppler skin. Let Miraglo unveil your skin’s miracle glow. Benefits of exfoliation: – Exfoliation removes dead skin cells [&hellip

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